Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Why I still love cartoons?

People who find me watching Cartoon Network on TV often ask this question. Considering the ripe age of 25, marriage and being in a serious professional like engineer, why don’t I indulge in a suitable pastime? Maybe reading perhaps or cooking, or at least gossiping? I could watch Discovery or some mindless soap opera, but cartoons??? They might be in for another shock, if I let them know that I also regularly read comic strips in newspapers, apart from purchasing comic books once in a while.

Cartoons still bring me a few moments of laughter after a hard working day and boring routine. They never fail to tickle my funny bone with the jokes, the repartees, some fast action; just pure fun. Fun, which doesn’t require using much of my already weary mind. Watching them is the perfect way of relaxing. My favorites include, “Dexter: the boy wizard” and “Tom & Jerry”, closely followed by anything that has to do with Donald Duck. In print, I love to read “Calvin and Hobbes” (which is also my husband’s favorite), “Garfield”, “Blondie” and “Denise the Menace”.

I always start my mornings by pulling out the cartoons page from our newspaper, a better way of beginning the day than catching up often depressing headlines.

So folks, I am not going to change! I’ll keep doing what I love. Devil may care!