Friday, July 09, 2004

What one wants in life….?

Sometime back, one sleepy afternoon, I turned on the TV to find that an interesting documentary on Discovery channel was being aired. It was about a woman, a photo-journalist, who covered Bosnian war.

Although I cannot remember her name now, but I guess she is well known (the documentary itself was evidence to this and it also mentioned about a movie made on her life and war experience in which Andy McDowell portrayed her).

She narrated an incidence that happened during her stint in Bosnia. She had a boyfriend (a fellow journo), who had gone to cover the war there before her, and then disappeared. Worried for him, she went on searching for him when sent there herself on assignment. Fearing the worst, she looked in every possible place she hoped to find him. And finally, found him in a dilapidated hospital, badly wounded. Unfortunately, soon afterwards there was an attack on that hospital. She knew, horrified, that whoever didn’t manage to run away from hospital would be brutally killed.

This is where she almost choked trying to hold back her tears. Meanwhile, I dreaded the thought that she might have watched helplessly her boyfriend being killed. Then,…she spoke again. She informed us that they both managed to escape with help of a few locals.

So what was the cause of her grief then, I wondered? Well, it so happened that her boyfriend informed her that he was saved and brought to hospital by a local girl. She was also taking good care of him and he had fallen in love with her!!! Later, her (ex) boyfriend married that local girl and settled there. Well, our photo-journo lady was broken-hearted and returned home after finishing her assignment. She somehow got over the harrowing experiences of the war, but she couldn’t get over this.

I’ve always wondered since then what made her still hanker after her ex? She had everything in the world; a great career, lots of adventure, a slew of enviable assignments, fame, and awards. She could easily be a role model to others; I could myself give anything in the world to be like her. But all she wanted was getting married to her ex and raising a family!

It seems nobody wants what he/she has got in life, they want something else, something just opposite of it :-(.